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A Jack for All Seasons

This is another great post from Dan Lord who blogs regularly at The Strangest of Wars. In 1571, the chivalrous Don Juan of Austria led Pope St. Pius V’s hastily gathered defense forces in an epic sea battle at Lepanto… Continue Reading →

My Daughter’s Communion Was For The Birds

My daughter’s first communion was yesterday. Unlike Patrick’s tale of woe, it was a fully reverential and moving affair. All the children bowed low before the Eucharist. And after receiving the Eucharist my daughter didn’t even make eye contact with… Continue Reading →

Shine On You Crazy Jesus

I wrote the other day about the nightmare first communion rehearsal. In it, I described a song performed by the children in the sanctuary that … Then the children proceeded to the sanctuary right in front of the altar where… Continue Reading →

A First Communion Nightmare

I need to tell you a story. It is not a nice story. It is a wee bit long but please see it through to the end. On these pages I have often expressed my hope for the future of… Continue Reading →

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