I wrote the other day about the nightmare first communion rehearsal. In it, I described a song performed by the children in the sanctuary that …

Then the children proceeded to the sanctuary right in front of the altar where they began a song that made the first little diddy seem like a Schubert composition. This song had more hand motions than a three day conference for the hearing impaired. Then they started a clappin’! Then they started a hootin’ and hollerin’ punching their fists Arsenio Hall style “Woo Woo! Jesus!” clap clap clap “Woo Woo! Jesus!”

Well, I thought that I would show you a quick clip of this little diddy just so you know I wasn’t making it up or exaggerating in any way. I apologize for the video quality but I shot the footage with my small digital camera at some distance. Anyway, sorry for this, but here is “Shine Jesus Shine”