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Blast From the Past

CMR is known for its parodies. But I promise you, this is not a parody. It comes from a book published by the Liturgical Conference in 1969 called Manual of Celebration by Robert Hovda (who is also widely known as… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Feminist Priest’s Liturgy Workshop

The Catholic Action Network has been quite busy lately protesting the church’s stand against gay marriage. No surprise there. The group describes itself as “a network of progressive Catholics seeking justice both in the Catholic Church and in the world.”… Continue Reading →

The Liturgical Stylings Of Fr. Frank

We had a full schedule with soccer games and whatnot yesterday and so I found myself in a tough situation. The only mass still available last night was the 7PM at a local church. So it was either go to… Continue Reading →

Priest Invents Technology For Better Liturgy

Fr. Erik Richtsteig is at his best when he’s fed up. Thankfully the world offers plenty of opportunities for him to be fed up. The latest instigator of his getting incensed is Shambulation, the priestly practice of strutting around the… Continue Reading →

Shine On You Crazy Jesus

I wrote the other day about the nightmare first communion rehearsal. In it, I described a song performed by the children in the sanctuary that … Then the children proceeded to the sanctuary right in front of the altar where… Continue Reading →

A First Communion Nightmare

I need to tell you a story. It is not a nice story. It is a wee bit long but please see it through to the end. On these pages I have often expressed my hope for the future of… Continue Reading →

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