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This Flag is the Perfect Metaphor for Obama

Democratic Party Office in Florida Flies Defaced American Flag With Obama’s Face Replacing the Stars, according to Ace. This is the perfect flag for the Obama administration. Obama replacing the states. He’s been rolling over state’s rights since the day… Continue Reading →

California Town Drops Flag from Fireman Uniform

A town in California has dropped the flag from their firefighter’s uniform. But don’t worry, they assure us, it has nothing to do with lack of patriotism. They just want everyone to match all pretty like. No, that’s seriously the… Continue Reading →

School Orders Child To Remove Flag from Bike

Cody for President. I love the kid and his grandfather. The kid removed the flag when told to by his school and said he would put it back on every day after school. And if you can believe it, the… Continue Reading →

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