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Fr. Barron on Conscience and Relationships

And hey, Fr. Barron and his gang are over at World Youth Day in Madrid. You can check out his daily updates on his blog. I really wish I were there.

Fr. Barron on Morality and Relationships

Awesome. As always. HT Word on Fire

Fr. Barron on God’s Love and the Tsumani

Another great video from Fr. Barron and his Word on Fire peeps. Also, Fr. Barron wrote a piece for the Washington Post concerning Libya and the Just War Tradition. Definitely worht a read.

Catholicism: A Trailer

This series called “Catholicism” by Father Robert Barron looks great. Fr. Barron is truly brilliant. He has the ability to make complex theological points that make sense to even idiots like me. I think he’s still looking for help funding… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Heroic Materialism

Fr. Barron on the Vampire Craze

An Interesting Evening

I am currently in the city of Essen Germany on business. I have been here probably a dozen times over the years but I have never made the less than one hour trip down to the Cathedral in Cologne. Oh,… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron: Benedict on Faith and Reason

CMR has posted some of Father Barron’s videos before, but I think this may be his best yet. Consider sending it to your friends and family who think that the Church and Reason are at odds with each other.

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