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Bill to Ban Catholic Adoption Agencies

A new House bill is directed against “homophobes” running adoption agencies. Just in case you’re not sure -homophobes means Catholics. The House bill introduced by Democrat Pete Stark would prohibit “discrimination in adoption or foster care placements” based on sexual… Continue Reading →

Children Raised By Homosexuals More Likely to Be “Partly Homosexual”

There’s a couple of interesting things going on in this study concerning homosexuals raising children. Take a look. Joe Carter of First Things wrote: Are children born to and raised by lesbians more likely to engage in same-sex sexual activity?… Continue Reading →

Maybe Elton Adopting Was a Mistake

Elton John, who is 63 and just adopted a child, suggested that he guest star on the television show “Glee” and end up in bed with a 16 year old gay virgin on the show, according to Newsbusters. Elton suggested… Continue Reading →

Gay Parents More Likely To Have Gay Kids

A Kansas State University researcher is publishing a study that shows that gay parents are more likely to raise gay children. Duh, right? I know, but the last researcher to state this in a study was promptly called a “Nazi”… Continue Reading →

Transgender Golfer Sues LPGA for Acceptance

A transgender golfer (who used to be a SWAT Team member) is suing the LPGA to join the tour. The LPGA, however, says their rules are that you have to be born a woman so he/she’s in the rough on… Continue Reading →

Equality vs. Christianity

Everyone talks about equality. But equality only exists in the eyes of God and is, after all, a rather Christian concept. We are all loved by God and in that is our worth. Ironically, many politicians are marginalizing religion from… Continue Reading →

D.C.: Childish Church Blackmailing City

The headline screams “Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum” and the D.C. city council accuses the Church of threats, and blackmail and harming the poor. If you read the Washington Post story today you’d never know that the D.C. City Council… Continue Reading →

Not Nature. Not Nurture. What is It?

Homosexual advocates have a messy problem on their hands. They don’t know which side to get behind in the nature/nurture debate. So recently, many have just been attacking anybody and everybody who doesn’t agree with them. For many years gay… Continue Reading →

Child Taken From Grandparents for Gay Adoption

The latest evidence I submit to you, dear reader, that the world is upside down is this topsy turvy tale from jolly ol’ England. Two grandparents just had their grandchildren whom they adored ripped away from them so the state… Continue Reading →

McCain Against Gay Adoption Before He Was For It

I’m confused. John McCain is once again implementing his ingenious “Alienate the Conservative Base” strategy. McCain said on Sunday that gays should not be allowed to adopt, as reported in the New York Times: “I think that we’ve proven that… Continue Reading →

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