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That pesky “gender gap” in math and science

The gender gap in math and science is back in the news.  A new study suggests that somewhere girls are hearing that they are not good at math and science.  From Slate: Schools have tried for years to encourage girls… Continue Reading →

4 Year Old Boy Diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder

A little four year old boy lives as a girl after telling his parents he was a girl. And then some nutty doctor backed him up. With his blonde pigtails and purple tutu, Zach Avery, now five, has been living… Continue Reading →

Sex Change Surgery for 1-5 Year Old Girls

This is sick. Because so many families were aborting girl babies, I guess India made sex determination tests during pregnancy illegal to try to prevent the common practice of women choosing to abort female babies. But an unforeseen consequence has… Continue Reading →

CS Lewis’ Gender Bender Controversy

I never thought I’d see a story about a gender controversy with CS Lewis. My first thought was that someone was attempting to slander Lewis in the same way that was done to J. Edgar Hoover after his death painting… Continue Reading →

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