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Boy Sings Danny Boy on Britain’s Got Talent

I knew it would be good when I first heard him. But wow. HT Viral Footage

Forced Prison Conversions to Islam

Weasel Zippers has a disturbing story about Muslims enforcing Sharia Law in prison and click the link to read about what happened to an imprisoned Catholic who wouldn’t convert: Just preparing them for the dhimmitude they will endure in British… Continue Reading →

Churchill Explains Today Well

Churchill writes of Great Britain in 1933. And I can’t help but see how the same words correspond to our own time all too well: This was one of those awful periods which recur in our history, when the noble… Continue Reading →

Newsflash: Sex Ed Leads to Pregnancy

This would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Ask any sane grownup in the world outside of Great Britain what would happen if you teach children about sex in school, hand them pamphlets saying they have a “right” to… Continue Reading →

Canada and Britain Already Subsidizing Polygamy

You know when you think about the fight to preserve marriage, you think how that fight is going to be a long drawn out one with fights for Supreme Court Justices. The arguments start with gay marriage and will ultimately… Continue Reading →

England Outlaws “War on Terror”; Begins War on…Doctors!

The 2007 Head in the Sand award goes to….(drumroll please)…Great Britain! Read this headline from the Christian Science Monitor: “After attacks, foreign doctors face new scrutiny in Britain” This from new Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who recently outlawed the term… Continue Reading →

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