The 2007 Head in the Sand award goes to….(drumroll please)…Great Britain!

Read this headline from the Christian Science Monitor: “After attacks, foreign doctors face new scrutiny in Britain”

This from new Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who recently outlawed the term “War on Terror”—”We’ll expand the background checks that are being done where there are highly skilled migrant workers coming into this country.

Yes. Yes. It’s “highly skilled migrant workers” we must keep an eye on. Are there no other distinctive traits among the men who attempted the recent terror attacks? No other motif at all?

For the 2007 Head in Sand Award Great Britain will receive new terrorist attacks, the derision of their enemies, and an assured quickening into the quagmire of all-out war. And now Britain is in the running to receive the Grand Prize of excinction as a nation and a culture.