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Fr. Andrew Greeley: Mindreader

Fr. Andrew Greeley long ago took up residence in looney-town. But in a new wrinkle, especially for a Catholic priest, he now believes he’s psychic. And he’s got an announcement: If you’re not voting for Obama you’re a racist. Shocking,… Continue Reading →

Fr. Andrew Greeley Says You’re Racist

Fr. Andrew Greeley thinks you’re racist. If you’re a regular reader of CMR, I’d have to imagine you’re probably not a big fan of Barack Obama for many legitimate reasons including his embrace of infanticide. But Fr. Greeley knows that… Continue Reading →

Shocker! Fr. Andrew Greeley in the Obama Camp

I know it will come as a big surprise so please sit down. Fr. Andrew Greeley is in the Obama camp. Greeley writes glowingly of Senator Obama in the SunTimes. Although Fr. Greeley cannot look at the Church but to… Continue Reading →

Fr. Greeley: Priests Are Happy Without Wives

In an op-ed yesterday published in the Chicago Sun-Times, Father Andrew Greeley argues that priests don’t necessarily need to get married to be happy or that marriage will stop sexual abuse of children. Though there are many things I don’t… Continue Reading →

Evidence of the Apocalypse

It is the clearest evidence yet of the coming apocalypse that I have seen. The world is completely upside-down and God will soon be compelled to act. To what am I referring? Abortion? Stem Cell research? Darfur? Chimera embryos? No,… Continue Reading →

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