I know it will come as a big surprise so please sit down. Fr. Andrew Greeley is in the Obama camp. Greeley writes glowingly of Senator Obama in the SunTimes. Although Fr. Greeley cannot look at the Church but to see fault after fault, apparently when he looks at Obama, he sees nothing but halo.

When Chicagoans who know Sen. Obama read the columns about him turned out by the national punditocracy, we tend to gasp and shake our heads in bemusement. He has become an ink blot for sick minds, very clever sick minds. Call up realclearpolitics.com and see what I mean. My favorite recent outbursts of hate come from Thomas Sowell, an African-American conservative economist, and from Naomi Schaefer Riley, the “assistant taste editor” of the Wall Street Journal (which title may be an oxymoron). Both write about

Greeley, is so vociferous in his defense one could be forgiven if the thought that Sowell and and Schaefer had insulted Greeley’s momma. Defending Obama against Sowell’s charges that Obama was a radical when he left Harvard and that is why he joined Trinity Church, Greeley writes:

Professor Sowell asserts that Barack Obama had to abandon his radical stance when he became a national public figure; he had to “project an entirely different persona, that of a post-racial leader who can heal divisiveness and bring us all together. The ease with which he has accomplished his chameleonlike change is a tribute to the man’s talent and a warning about his reliability.”

Anyone who knows anything about Obama’s activity as a community organizer in Chicago, even before he joined Trinity knows his style was always one of bringing people together in consensus.

Bringing people together in consensus? Would that include the babies that were left to die after failed abortions? Are they part of the consensus? Would this consensus also include the vast majority of the citizens of Illinois who supported the Born alive Infant Protection Act and rightfully abhor the infanticide practiced at Illinois’ hospitals? Apparently not since Obama fought against these most basic rights for babies. So much for consensus. Greeley finsihes with this ode to the Obamessiah.

Neither columnist is capable of delivering a precinct, no matter how skillful their fiction. However, their venom indicates that both are offended by this attractive, charismatic and intelligent young man. The last American politician who was the subject of such animus was JFK.

I would suggest that Greeley ought to be ashamed of himself for being an Obama shill, but that would be pointless.