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Greatest Big Brother Evah!!!

This is an awesome story from CNN about a 12 year old boy who delivered his baby brother. Money quote after he shows how he cut the umbilical cord:”Then I had to wash my hands because… yeah.” Great story! (You… Continue Reading →

Pro-Surfer Saves Drowning Woman

This is a pretty cool story. My first reaction to this was what a great story. My second reaction was wow, surfers really do talk like that. According to the Blaze, “this story gets even better when you learn that… Continue Reading →

7 Year Old Shields Younger Boys from Dog

You read stuff like this and it just amazes you. Palm Beach Post reports: A 7-year-old boy shielded his younger brother and another boy from a dog that escaped from a nearby business. Homestead Police spokesman Fernando Morales says the… Continue Reading →

Hero Dad Saves Baby from Car Crash

The Blog Prof writes: Shocking Car Crash Footage Shows Father Taking Full Impact to Save Baby. Holy cow! Saw this linked by Instapundit and it’s hard to imagine that the father even survived: Check out The Blog Prof for more… Continue Reading →

Feel Good Story of the Day

This is pretty awesome. The Make-a-Wish folks really do some great work. In this one, there’s superhero costumes, a police escort, a trapped soccer team at Qwest Field, and even a Delorean for a boy who wanted to be a… Continue Reading →

That Guy’s a Hero

That guy’s pretty awesome though I have to question the importance of crossing back over the tracks. Hey, but the guy’s a hero who am I to question him? HT Viral Footage

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