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Code Pink’s Call to War?

You remember Code Pink, right? The anti-war organization that got tons of press attention against President George W. Bush’s War in Iraq, calling out to the country (but especially the media) with a “feisty call to wage peace.” But the… Continue Reading →

Jesuit: Church Has Lost all Credibility

A Jesuit in Honduras announced today that the Catholic Church has “lost all credibility” because it doesn’t support the Hugo Chavez wanna-be Manuel Zelaya’s return as President. Well, there goes 2,000 years of what we’d have to call a pretty… Continue Reading →

Obamateurism:When Is A Coup Not a Coup?

When is a coup not a coup? I guess when President Obama says so. So never mind that President Obama is on the wrong side of the Honduras issue. And if you’re unsure of that just look at the company… Continue Reading →

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