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My Rules for Discourse on the Internet

*subhead*Trying to keep it civil.*subhead* I could be having a great day and a nasty exchange on the Internet will always bring me down. Whether I am involved or not, uncivil discourse sucks the joy out of the Internet for… Continue Reading →

Forcibly Baptizing the Internet

Marc Barnes blogs at Bad Catholic and currently attends Franciscan University. He’ll be guest blogging here once a week for the next month. Here’s his first post: Once upon a time in a galaxy obnoxiously close to home, there was… Continue Reading →

Horror: Couple Hold Online Vote on Aborting or Giving Birth

This is nothing short of sickening. A couple is pregnant with their first child and are now leaving it up to a vote whether to abort their child or not. They’ve established a website called BirthorNot. While they say the… Continue Reading →

Dress Up Bedroom Games

My daughters love getting on the internet and playing games and watching X-Men and Justice League videos. I closely monitor them and sit nearby. On Saturday we all went out into the snow. The children played while I shoveled out… Continue Reading →

The Internet Election

When you are part of history, it is difficult to see the history. The effect of the Internet on this election is more profound than ever before. Stories begin on the Internet. Lies begin on the Internet. The Ordinary Ministers… Continue Reading →

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