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Judge Hands out Condom Stuffed Acorns!

What a nut! A Pennsylvania judge has been cleared of violating judicial conduct standards, according to MSNBC. So what did the judge get busted for? Handing out “condom-stuffed acorns” to strange women. Wait, what? Is that some kind of inuendo… Continue Reading →

Clerk Faces Jail Defending Pledge and Prayer

This is nuts. Pure nuts. A Texas County Clerk may face jail time for defending the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer after a judge crossed it out of the meeting’s minutes. He crossed it out for fear that the… Continue Reading →

Federal Judge Voids All Of ObamaCare!!!

This is not the end of the road, it is the closer to the beginning. But Wow. President Barack Obama‚Äôs health care reform legislation, assailed as an abuse of federal power in a 26-state lawsuit, was ruled unconstitutional by a… Continue Reading →

Judge John Roll, Hero

We’ve reported before that Judge John Roll seemed like a good Catholic family man. Now it seems he died attempting to protect another shooting victim, according to video of the Tuscon shooting viewed by investigators. The New York Times reports:… Continue Reading →

Abp. Chaput on Judge John Roll

Archbishop Chaput writes about slain Catholic Judge John Roll. It’s a beautiful tribute to a good man: In January 2008, at the invitation of Bishop Thomas Olmsted, I gave a homily at the annual Red Mass for attorneys, judges and… Continue Reading →

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