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Pro-Life American Idol

Great find from Kathryn Lopez at The Corner. For all the great work done in the Catholic blogosphere sometimes I wonder if Kathryn Lopez might be the best Ctholic blogger out there. Anyway, here’s a touching story from American Idol… Continue Reading →

Kathryn Lopez is Scaring Me

Things are not looking good for us. Congressman Bart Stupak is reportedly “optimistic” about resolving the little abortion difficulty in Obamacare. You know, every time I start having some faith in the existence of Blue Dog Democrats or at least… Continue Reading →

Far Too Busy To Want To Be Priests

The awesome Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review writes today in the Wall Street Journal about the nonsensical Womenpriests and their mock ordinations. After providing some background, she then contrasts these unhappy women with other happy and apparently very busy… Continue Reading →

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