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Santorum: JFK Was Wrong

Definitely worth a watch. Former Senator Rick Santorum rejects JFK’s separation of church and state pretty forcefully.

Friday Humor from Patrick Kennedy

You gotta’ love this guy. He brings almost as much humor to the legislature as Bawney Fwank. I love when Patrick Kennedy uses the term “values” and “human potential.” But here he loses it in trying to get taxpayers to… Continue Reading →

2012 and The Supreme Court

Some good news, some bad news. The good news is that Justice Anthony Kennedy is going to stay on the court. The bad news is that Justice Anthony Kennedy will stay on the court. Kennedy is hardly a conservative but… Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry Kennedy. You’re Safe

Patrick Kennedy thinks he understands what happened in last night’s stunning election, according to The Politico: Kennedy’s son, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) said Democrats have to understand that they’ve entered a different era — and that they can’t just assume… Continue Reading →

Does Michael Sean Winters Hate Kennedy?

Does Michael Sean Winters hate Patrick Kennedy? I’m serious. If a friend of mine were running straight towards calamity I’d be inclined to yell out. Heck, even if an enemy of mine were dashing towards a ruinous end I’d be… Continue Reading →

Kennedy Wants Gag Rule for Bishop

Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s recent public comments were puzzling as he criticized the Church publicly for not being pro-life because of its insistence on blocking abortion funding in the healthcare bill. I could task logicians for a year to figure out… Continue Reading →

Caroline Kennedy is a Comic Book Hero?

Caroline Kennedy is being hailed as a hero for women by a feminist organization which is making her the star of her own new “biography comic” in the “Female Force” series published by Bluewater Productions, according to Feminist Law Professors…. Continue Reading →

The ‘Ya’ Know’ Ambassador to the Vatican

Caroline Kennedy may be the next ambassador to the Vatican, an Italian news magazine has claimed. HT Headline Bistro. In an April 2 article in Panorama, journalist Carlo Rossella predicted that Caroline Kennedy – her own hopes to rise to… Continue Reading →

All Hail King Kennedy

History is largely made up of stories of men and women struggling for power. Our history books are filled with battles between someone was king and someone who wanted to be king. It’s been written often that George Washington easily… Continue Reading →

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