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Kevorkian for Kongress

Well, It’s official. Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Death, is on the ballot in Michigan in his run for the U.S. Congress. [Det. news] Jack Kevorkian — nicknamed “Dr. Death” for the high-profile assisted suicides he performed — gathered enough valid signatures… Continue Reading →

Vote Kevorkian … Or Else!

Assisted-suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian announced today he is running for Congress. The 79-year-old Kevorkian has told reporters in Southfield, Mich., that he is running in the November election as an independent for a congressional seat representing Detroit’s suburbs. We Creative… Continue Reading →

Barbarians in Tweed Coats

Assisted suicide crusader Jack Kevorkian is headed to the University of Florida for an October 11 speaking engagement — which will have the college pay him $50,000. Subsidized by taxpayer dollars mind you. So the same government which threw him… Continue Reading →

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