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Obama: Jesus Would Tax the Rich

The Politico reports that Obama the theologian has sorted through the reams of teaching of fiscal policy written and footnoted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and come to the conclusion that Jesus said “Tax the Rich.” President Barack… Continue Reading →

Disaster! 14 Killed, 2200 Injured

14 women were killed and 2200 injured. Sounds like a terrible disaster, right? Sounds like something the media might want to cover, right? Or something the government might want to act on, yes? No. You see, 14 women have been… Continue Reading →

Vid: Libs Vote to Ban Books

Psst. Sarah Palin beat Adolf Hitler in the banning books competition. And she didn’t just squeak by. She trounced him. HT Moonbattery

I Know What You Did Last Sunday

The threat was out there. Actually it wasn’t a threat, it was a warning. Archbishop Allen Vigneron warned Father Wurm not to preside at the liturgy organized by the progressive American Catholic Council this past weekend. Father Robert Wurm seemed,… Continue Reading →

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