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SS Progressive Titanic

The lead editorial in the December 28thissue of the National Catholic Reporter entitled “Liturgy reform: No going back.” One gets the sense in reading it that the editors of NCR are trying to convince themselves that even though they have… Continue Reading →

Caveat Pre-Emptor

Yesterday,USCCB Committee on Divine Worship released its long awaited document on music in the liturgy Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship. I wish to highlight one particular section of the document that speaks about Gregorian Chant and its… Continue Reading →

What Matters is What is Revered

Much has been made about the rapprochement between Catholics and the Orthodox following the Catholic-Orthodox meeting last month in Ravenna that agreed the Pope was the leading prelate of Christianity. Of course, this is just the beginning of the many… Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Pray at Mass!

Oh boy. No matter how many times I find one of these stories I am still a little surprised and saddened. This comes from Fr. Vin of Our Lady of Grace Parish in West Babylon NY. Fr. Vin wishes to… Continue Reading →

For the Liturgically Impaired

I have great affection for Franciscan University at Steubenville. However I feel compelled to ask, is this what passes for liturgy at the university. Oy! Pope St. Pius X over at the blog Totus Pius (A great concept blog!) asks… Continue Reading →

What Would We Do Without Experts?

Elizabeth Harrington is the education officer with the Brisbane archdiocesan Liturgical Commission and she has something to say to all you amateurs. Shut up and Keep Away. SOMETIMES it seems that everyone is an expert on liturgy and that personal… Continue Reading →

The Adventures of “Fr. Look At Me!”

On Sunday I went to the teen mass at my Parish. I usually try to avoid this mass in order to minimize temptation to impatience. However, due to family scheduling, it was my only option. So off to mass I… Continue Reading →

We Knew It: High Ceilings in Churches Are Good

The wisdom of the Church has been known for millenia, and now science has “proven” it: high ceilings are good for expansive, creative thinking, and one might infer, prayer and meditation. A recent study at the University of Minnesota suggests… Continue Reading →

Understanding Liturgical versus Devotional in Liturgy

Here’s some food for thought: people seem to like devotional, sentimental music at Mass whether or not it relates to the day’s readings or the awesome sacrifice of the Mass itself. The truth of the matter is that properly speaking,… Continue Reading →


A few weeks ago we had a visiting Priest at my parish. From his opening greeting I knew that this was a priest who likely looks at the General Instruction of the Roman Missal as mere silly suggestions. “Oh well,… Continue Reading →

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