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L’Osservatore Romano Commemorates 9-11 In Odd Way

I do feel badly for good Islamic folks who feel awkward when they go out or feel like they’re being looked at or judged. And I’m pretty sure that’s a valid topic for us to check out. But for L’Osservatore… Continue Reading →

Oh No! Vatican Newspaper Praises Obama?

OK. I’ve had quite enough out of these guys. Seriously. L’Osservatore Romano seems to be praising Obama, at least according to news reports. I don’t speak or read Italian but all the news reports seem to be reporting the same… Continue Reading →

Modernly Immaterial

Even the most frivolous among us would likely agree that we live in dark, dramatic, and disturbed times. Renouncing any call to seriousness or significance, ostensibly demanded by events of the day, the official Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano turned its… Continue Reading →

That is a Big Oops!

The last few days have seen a flurry of stories heralding the imminent demise of Catholic religious orders. The stunning statistic that was reported in the years 2005-2006, the Church had seen a decline of 94,790 religious constituting a whopping… Continue Reading →

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