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Don’t Send Your Kids to this Christian College

This is pretty awful if it is what it seems to be. The video says it’s part of a freshman orientation performance for students of Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, a Lutheran college. Honestly, it looks like the inmates have… Continue Reading →

Adios Amigos and Meet my Gay Lover!

A Lutheran Pastor in Pennsylvania came out to his flock and then resigned before they could fire him. Of course, the God Fearin’ bigots are to blame for his departure. Meet the Rev. David Wagner in his early days. Wagner… Continue Reading →

The Race to Irrelevance

Not to be out-done in the race to irrelevance by rejecting all christian truth, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America passed a resolution at its annual assembly urging bishops to refrain from disciplining pastors who are in “faithful committed same-gender… Continue Reading →

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