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Ha! The Difference Between Men and Women

It’s hilarious because it’s true. Psychologist Psychologist Mark Gungor really nails it. HT Viral Footage

The Death of Masculinity

Matt speaking here: Marcel from Mary’s Aggies will be guest posting here once a week for the next month. We’re happy to have him here. It’ll be nice to have someone smart to speak with at the CMR Editorial Meetings…. Continue Reading →

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Abort!

The most popular men’s lifestyle website had an article this week giving instructions to men that offered advice to men on how to get a woman to procure an abortion even if she doesn’t want one. The article in AskMen.com… Continue Reading →

The Return of Men?

We have lived in a feminine culture for so long, we have forgotten what real men are like. I am talking about the kind of man that Gary Cooper or John Wayne would likely portray if they made a movie…. Continue Reading →

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