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Leave Obama Alone Cuz He’s Black!!!

In a piece today in America Magazine, Michael Sean Winters starts out talking about how the notes on Palin’s hand made certain liberals froth at the mouth but then he obviously couldn’t help himself and jumped over to full Obama… Continue Reading →

Does Michael Sean Winters Hate Kennedy?

Does Michael Sean Winters hate Patrick Kennedy? I’m serious. If a friend of mine were running straight towards calamity I’d be inclined to yell out. Heck, even if an enemy of mine were dashing towards a ruinous end I’d be… Continue Reading →

America: Ut unum sint! – Not!

The Anglo-Catholic reunion is going to put the liberal Catholic faction into convulsions. In fact, it has already started. The dependably silly Michael Sean Winters over at America Magazine is doing backflips to avoid reality and worries about the future… Continue Reading →

If You’re Going to be Stupid…

This is my advice to anyone with a keyboard. If you’re going to be stupid be your own kind of stupid. Be first. Jump in. Make people step back and say, “Wow. That was really stupid.” At least you’ll be… Continue Reading →

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