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Steele Takes the Bait on Palin Story

I wasn’t even going to write about this but it kept bugging me so here I am. Yesterday the Politico wrote a slam piece with tons of unattributed and derogatory quotes about Sarah Palin, saying that the GOP Establishment’s first… Continue Reading →

GOP Enthusiasm High. Money Low

Hot Air is reporting that enthusiasm for the Republican Party is skyrocketing. Some pollsters, including Gallup, suggested that Republican voter enthusiasm in this midterm cycle began to wane after the passage of ObamaCare. Three months later, Gallup says that GOP… Continue Reading →

Note to Michael Steele: You Are THE MAN!

Here’s the new rule. When you’re head of the RNC, you can’t complain that THE MAN is out to get you anymore. You are THE MAN. But this hasn’t stopped Michael Steele from playing the race card. Again. The AP… Continue Reading →

Steele Rebukes Palin

Michael Steele is rebuking Sarah Palin. ABC reports: As any party chairman should, RNC Chairman Michael Steele took the opportunity this morning to crow about GOP victories in New Jersey and Virginia. But he also seemed to deliver a bit… Continue Reading →

At Least Pretend You’re Involved

I know this is small. And someone’s going to argue that it means nothing and maybe they’re right. But GOP Chairman Michael Steele was hosting the Bill Bennett show on the radio this morning. And when asked about the Tedisco/Murphy… Continue Reading →

That’s It! Steele Must Go

Michael Steele is not pro-life. And he must be replaced as the Chairman of the GOP as quickly as possible. Steele just did an interview with GQ which is quoted in The Politico. The key part of the conversation is… Continue Reading →

When They Call You Nazi, Don’t Smile

On CNN, GOP Chairman Michael Steele assented that the Republican Party looks like the Nazi party. Yeah, that’s right. The leader of the GOP sat there nodding his head while some brain dead CNN host called Republicans Nazis. Well, to… Continue Reading →

Is Michael Steele Pro-Life? Maybe Not.

Is Michael Steele pro-life? I fear the answer might be no. I’ve long liked and respected Lt. Gov. Michael Steele and considered him a great candidate to Chair the RNC. I’ve seen many pro-life bloggers even endorse him but yesterday… Continue Reading →

Man of Steele

Rumors are swirling that Lt. Gov. Michael Steele is on the short list for John McCain’s VP running mate. US News and World Report lists a number of things you may not know about Steele. Steele’s devout Catholicism is one… Continue Reading →

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