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Genetic Engineering and Building a Better Soldier: Captain America vs. Ironman

*subhead*Use things, not people.*subhead* COMMENTARY: Volunteering our bodies for non-therapeutic enhancement and experimentation isn’t patriotic. I will admit the question was loaded. I asked various Catholics, through my blog and social media, who was a better role model: Captain America… Continue Reading →

Obama Says He’s “Generally Proud” of Military

Generally proud? Generally? That’s something you say about your 23 year old who’s living in the basement who can’t leave the basement because his ankle bracelet will start beeping on account of his three DUI’s and missed paternity payments to… Continue Reading →

NYT Compares U.S. Troops to Beasts

On the heels of the much heralded heroism exhibited by the Navy Seals in the mission to take out Bin Laden, the New York Times Magazine slanders all fighting men and women by comparing them to “beasts.” I don’t even… Continue Reading →

Military Chaplains for Atheists?

Atheists are pushing for the military to have chaplains for atheists in the military. Uhm, we already have them. They’re called chaplains. An atheist has as much right to go see a chaplain as anyone else. If an atheist wants… Continue Reading →

Transsexuals in the Military?

Transsexuals. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. With the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy becoming a thing of the past, transsexuals are wondering when it’s going to be their turn. I’m wondering the same thing. CNS reports: Before handcuffing herself to… Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Christmas Poem

Let’s remember for a moment all those who ensure that we still have the right to celebrate Christmas. Ht Flopping Aces

Sen. Boxer: U.S. Just Like Iran and N. Korea

Can you believe California just reelected this woman? CNS reports: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) today likened the United States of America to Iran, North Korea and Pakistan because those nations also do not allow homosexuals in their militaries. Boxer likened… Continue Reading →

USCCB Urges “No” Vote on Defense Bill

Kudos to the USCCB and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo for standing up for life. Cardinal DiNardo has written Senators urging them not to pass the National Defense Authorization Act unless an amendment authorizing elective abortions at military hospitals is removed. He… Continue Reading →

President Reagan Honors Unknown Soldier

HT Laura Ingraham


Patterico notices a bit of a nomenclature ploy coming out of the White House. As you all know, Gen. McChrystal is asking for more troops in Afghanistan. And this clearly shows that Gen. McChrystal is a selfish jerk who only… Continue Reading →

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