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Priest Witnessed Man “Brought Back to Life by God”

I spoke with Father John Higgins, the Pastor of Saint Raymond’s parish in California, last night. He’s a funny and faithful priest. We spoke for a while about the HHS mandate and the Catholic blogosphere in general and he almost… Continue Reading →

A Very Minor Miracle.

I hope you had a safe New Year’s Eve. 2009 was a pretty crazy year. So many inspiring stories as well as tragic and heartbreaking ones, even in our own lives. I pray that 2010 is a blessed year for… Continue Reading →

The Miracle at Woodstock

The mytholoygizing of Woodstock has been a source of books, movies and conversation for years to the point where many even see it as a religious experience. According to Religion News, rock historian Pete Fornatale, author of “Back to the… Continue Reading →

God Became Man But He Can’t Multiply Fish

Yeah sure, God become man. And He definitely rose from the dead. But there’s no way he multiplied loaves and fishes for people to eat. That’s the logic of so many when they deny the physical nature of the miracle… Continue Reading →

A Miracle In Kansas?

The Wichita Eagle reports on an amazing story that might just be miraculous: People in Colwich like to touch Chase Kear’s arm or his shoulder with their fingers. Or they hug him. “Miracle Man,” they say. “Let me touch the… Continue Reading →

Will The Anti-Miracle Faction Please Stand Up

The stupidest sentence I saw today was in an article on ABC News. Next week, the Pope will visit the tomb of Mary MacKillop, the founder of Australia’s Josephite nuns. Mary MacKillop is just one step away from becoming a… Continue Reading →

Do you Believe in Miracles

For those who believe no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t none will suffice. Jesus laterals to Peter…Peter to Paul…Paul laterals to Luke….. Trinity Football Tigers!

A Back to School Story And Modern Day Miracle

If you put this story in a movie nobody would believe it. Too corny, they’d say. This is a story about community. The kind of community that many didn’t think still existed in America; the kind that still believed in… Continue Reading →

Family Sees Miracle in Autistic Daughter

This story from Catholic.org about a young autistic girl who uses art to communicate with the world is sure to move you. It’s a great story about answered prayers and a reminder that children born with disabilities are miracles too…. Continue Reading →

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