I hope you had a safe New Year’s Eve.

2009 was a pretty crazy year. So many inspiring stories as well as tragic and heartbreaking ones, even in our own lives. I pray that 2010 is a blessed year for all of us.

It seems an appropriate time to thank all of you for reading what us imbeciles write on how our faith interacts with the culture. Thank you so much. And thanks for all your comments (except the really mean ones).

Patrick and I have been very moved recently to read all the comments on people praying for my brother Kevin and our family. We couldn’t be more grateful. Last night, my wife and I held my brother’s hand at midnight while he slept.

It’s funny. We’ve all been praying for a miracle for so long. Last night when I got back in the minivan for some reason the driver’s side window was able to open and close. The electric had been broken for over a year since my two year old fed Chuck E. Cheese tokens and quarters into the DVD slot. Dunno why he did it and dunno why it effected the window but it did. But last night it worked for the first time in over a year.

My mother jokingly said she couldn’t help but feel her prayed for miracle was being misdirected.

Happy New Year everyone!