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A Tale of Two U’s

You know how I know we’re doomed? There are two stories out there right now that couldn’t be more different. Our reaction to them as a culture though is interesting. This story on MSNBC.com asks if perhaps maybe a college… Continue Reading →

The Mormons are Coming!

Tolerance. Shmolerance. For years, liberals have been pleading with us obnoxious right wing fanatics to just stop with the politics of personal destruction. They pleaded for us just to get along? They questioned why we couldn’t just be tolerant of… Continue Reading →

This is Why I Don’t Like Huckabee

On the day of the Michigan primary it was widely believed that Romney was going to lose. So when confronted by crying toddler on Tuesday at a polling place, Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee quipped the child must be for… Continue Reading →

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