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Columnist: How to Deal With Republicans. Ha!

San Francisco Gate columnist Jon Carroll writes his thoughts on dealing with Republicans even though he admits he doesn’t know any. Hilarity ensues. I thought about fisking it but really it’s just so perfect on its own. And by perfect… Continue Reading →

Vote for Best Catholic Newspaper

Here’s the deal. About.com is running a contest about which Catholic newspaper is the best. And I want you to vote for the Register for three reasons: 1) I work there and want everyone there owing me something,2) It’s actually… Continue Reading →

What is Wrong With These People?

In what the Washington Post calls The Fix (Political News and Analysis,) Chris Cillizza writes what may be the sickest piece of journalism I’ve read in…well…hours. Cillizza asks the most pertinent question: How is Swine Flu affecting Barack Obama? And… Continue Reading →

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