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Story of Bill and Jill Green

*subhead*Mandates, mandates.*subhead* Since the Obama administration is so fond of fictional narratives, I thought I would write one too about Bill and Jill. Bill and Jill Green are entrepreneurs. The Greens met in college studying environmental engineering. Bill and Jill… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Baby! You’re Doomed!

When babies are born, the baby is supposed to cry out to the world. Well, a few days ago a baby was born and instead, the world cried out. In horror. As the baby stretched out, the world curled into… Continue Reading →

Be Afraid of World Population Day. Be Very Afraid!

Yesterday was World Population Day and you missed it. I know you’re embarrassed. The United Nations came up with the idea and you, you selfish creep, missed it. Underlying this wonderful day is the UN Population Fund’s belief that we… Continue Reading →

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