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There’s Something In My Eye…It’s Leaking…

Parents at Boston Bruins hockey game surprised at son coming home from Aghanistan. These vids always kill me.

A Thing on Your Thing

I was recently at a train station doing one of my favorite things. People watching. Train stations are great because you can blatantly listen to other people’s conversations, watch their ticks, learn their histories just through sheer proximity. I watched… Continue Reading →

Shock! People for Abortion Laws Are Pro-Life

Caitlin Borgmann, a professor at CUNY School of Law and editor of the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, wrote an article entitled “Parental Involvement Laws for Abortion: Irrational, Unnecessary and Downright Dangerous” for The Jurist. Borgmann argues that parents shouldn’t be… Continue Reading →

Parents! We Don’t Need No Stinking Parents!

Get thee to a private school or just keep your children home. File this story as reason #3,493 to get your family out of public schools. World Net Daily did a story on the San Francisco School District’s launching of… Continue Reading →

It’s Not Like It’s the S.A.T. or Something

Sometimes it becomes clear to me how difficult it must be to be a Priest and a Pastor. I was reading another letter to parishioners by Fr. McCartney. When reading some of the inane and obnoxious comments made by parents… Continue Reading →

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