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The Savaging of Sarah Wasn’t Worth It

If the caricature of Republicans as heartless capitalists with cash registers instead of souls is accurate then they should gleefully accept prodigals Peggy Noonan and Christopher Buckley back into the fold. Because I absolutely believe that their personal attacks on… Continue Reading →

The Second Slumming

A poem from the perspective of some “conservative” columnists who would view a McCain/Palin win as something close to apocalyptic. The Second Slumming Turning and turning pages of whiners and criersThe readers did not heed their columnistsThings fell apart, the… Continue Reading →

Advice to Peggy Noonan: Get Out of NYC!

A friend of mine moved to New York City a few months ago. He was a lifelong Pennsylvanian and we worked with each other a few times in campaigns. Recently, on the phone, he told me that he’s noticed a… Continue Reading →

Peggy Noonan – I Think I Knew That

Peggy Noonan has the uncanny ability tell you something you already know and still surprise you with it. Often, when she writes of a situation or a person (more often a person), you feel as if you already knew what… Continue Reading →

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