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Pence Blasts Planned Parenthood

Congressman Mike Pence picks up the ball after the Lila Rose videos and calls for denying federal funding to abortion providers. I wish this guy were running for President. The Blast

Awesome. Pence’s Speech at the March

This is a great speech from Indiana Congressman Mike Pence at the March for Life. I love how he takes on those who would have us ignore social issues and focus solely on fiscal ones (Yeah, Governor Mitch Daniels I’m… Continue Reading →

Video: Pence Intros Bill to Defund Abortionists

For me, defunding Planned Parenthood is of the highest priority. Planned Parenthood received $363 million in government funding in 2009 alone, during that time they performed 329,008 abortions. Congressman Mike Pence seeks to prohibit funding to any organization that performs… Continue Reading →

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