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Ann Coulter vs. Fr. Albert

Fr. Albert Cutie taking the easy way once again, agreeing with everyone in the room for his show rather than facing a hard truth. And Ann Coulter, in her always kind manner, dropping the “Who’s the Christian here?” on him…. Continue Reading →

Jesuit Chaplain: “I Never Pray in the Name of Jesus”

The Jesuit chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy who was appointed by John Boehner as House Chaplain said a mystifying (and possibly awful) statement in an interview at the Huffington Post. It could be a misstatement or just unclear but when asked… Continue Reading →

Priests Celebrates Jubilee with Drag Nun Show

Yeah, this is just what we need. One of the best known priests in jolly ol’ England celebrated his 25th jubilee with a raunchy drag show. Father Michael Seed, the priest responsible for converting Tony Blair, had a Mass said… Continue Reading →

Check out Pewsitter

Pewsitter is one of the best Catholic websites on the internet. If you don’t check it out often you really should. Tons of news and links. They seem to be asking their readers to refer other readers to them so… Continue Reading →

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