The Jesuit chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy who was appointed by John Boehner as House Chaplain said a mystifying (and possibly awful) statement in an interview at the Huffington Post. It could be a misstatement or just unclear but when asked if he would pray to Jesus at the start of a congressional session he said:

I never pray in the name of Jesus — except when I’m doing something Catholic — saying Mass, for example.

What? Now, it’s possible that this came out all wrong and he didn’t mean what he said. Maybe today we’ll get a Gingrichian reversal. But then again maybe this is exactly what he meant to say.

Are we all that worried about offending others of other beliefs that we fail to spread our message. Can you say ecumeaningless?

I think the real question is why not? Aren’t we all supposed to be spreading the Good Word? Are priests now afraid of offending people with Jesus? Maybe some Jesuits prefer their lights under bushel baskets thank you very much. And isn’t he a member of the SOCIETY OF JESUS!!!!!! It’s not the Society of the nameless deity.

I wonder if he would have the same objection to Gaia or Buddha.

Note: Thanks to Pewsitter for the heads up on this story.