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Jesuit USF Student Newspaper Unanimously Supports Assisted Suicide

*subhead*Progressive fog and clouded brains.*subhead* The University of San Francisco (USF) is my alma mater. My name is on a plaque in the chemistry office for my academic exploits while I was there. Along with a degree in chemistry, I… Continue Reading →

Breaking: Jesuit College Snubs Bishop

The good news is that a bishop stood up and urged a Jesuit college to withdraw its invitation to a pro-abortion speaker. The bad news is that the Jesuit college essentially told him to pound sand. This is truly disgraceful…. Continue Reading →

Students Protest Against Priest

A group of students at a Catholic college are protesting against a priest who has publicly talked about abortion. Let’s face it, if that story were about pretty much any Catholic college in America it would be about a bunch… Continue Reading →

Jesuit Chaplain: “I Never Pray in the Name of Jesus”

The Jesuit chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy who was appointed by John Boehner as House Chaplain said a mystifying (and possibly awful) statement in an interview at the Huffington Post. It could be a misstatement or just unclear but when asked… Continue Reading →

Shock Vid: Jesuit College Drag Show

Warning -This vid is pretty graphic of a drag show at Santa Clara University, a Jesuit university. I’m sure this was sold as a social justice event to promote tolerance but it’s not that at all. It’s normalizing deviancy. Moms… Continue Reading →

Confessionals Out, Pagan Art Gallery In

Oh boy. I don’t even know where to start with this one. This story is just a microcosm of so much that’s wrong with so many of our “Catholic” universities. The Jesuit run University of San Francisco has removed a… Continue Reading →

Ensoulment and Abortion

I saw a Jesuit priest I once knew recently. He was a good man who taught me much about Catholicism and I’ll always be grateful to him. Before him, my Catholicism was one of vague notions. He helped me to… Continue Reading →

Profile in Christian Courage

If the mainstream media had any conscience whatsoever it would be applauding the congressman from New Orleans for doing what he believes is right no matter the consequences. But they won’t. So we will. Rep. Anh “Joseph Cao announced today… Continue Reading →

Gov. Rendell Against Married Priests Too?

I know a Jesuit who argues with me that priests should be able to marry. Needless to say we argue a lot. He also voted for Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. Like I said we argue a lot. So I called… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Egan Strikes Again

What’s gotten into all these bishops and cardinals recently? Many are actually…standing up for morality all of a sudden. Up until recently there had been so much “contextualizing” of abortion from bishops. Yes, they’d say, abortion is very important but… Continue Reading →

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