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Shut Up James Garner. Please!!!

I lived on Rockford Files reruns and beer when I was in college. (And cheese steaks if I’m telling the complete truth.) I’m a huge James Garner fan. So somebody please tell him to shut up before he destroys my… Continue Reading →

Obama and Reagan on Human Rights

Reagan: Obama: When I contrast these I can’t help but think of the great story from author and activist Natan Sharansky featured in The Weekly Standard which asked him if there were any particular Reagan moments he could recall being… Continue Reading →

President Reagan Honors Unknown Soldier

HT Laura Ingraham

McCain Resurrects Zombie Reagan

In a move bound to both rankle and awe conservative members of his party, presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain resurrected the remains of former President Ronald Reagan to appear next to him. “You wanted Reagan,” screamed McCain from the dais… Continue Reading →

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