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Coming to America…For Sex Selection

*subhead*”Reproductive Rights”.*subhead* Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was for these inalienable rights that the American colonists declared their independence. It is also for these rights that millions have traveled to our shores looking for opportunity and a… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Sperm Bank Mix-Up: Real Story Not About Race

*subhead*Chicken nuggets*subhead* Jennifer Cramblett  (Mark Duncan/AP) There has been much commentary on the story of the lesbian couple that went to sperm bank, asked for sperm from a Caucasian, and ended up with a mixed race child. The women are… Continue Reading →

Brave New United States

When I talk to my fellow Americans about biotechnology, they have this idea that all the bad stuff will happen in places like China and that the horrors of Huxley’s Brave New World will never happen here.  Cloning, human genetic… Continue Reading →

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