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Excellent Pro-Life Ad from Ron Paul

I gotta’ admit that when Ron Paul talks about the issue of life I find myself nodding. In fact, about ninety percent of the time Ron Paul talks I nod my head. The other ten percent though I’m like, “Wait,… Continue Reading →

Get Ca$h if You’ve Had $ex with Rick Perry

Yeah, the GOP primary is getting this ugly. This ad is being run by a Ron Paul supporter. Despicable. I think they mean other than Mrs. Perry. And this better be the last time I ever hear the words “Ron… Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Is Right. Wait, Did I Just Say That?

I hate writing about Ron Paul because the mere mention of his name sets off a firestorm. But here’s my deal with Ron Paul. he’s one of those guys that I listen to for about six minutes and I’m like… Continue Reading →

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