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Santorum Mentioned Satan!!!!????

When Santorum was out of politics the past few years he may have done the most damaging thing you can do to a political career -he told the truth as he saw it. Yup. Santorum mentioned Satan in 2008 to… Continue Reading →

Help! I’m Possessed by a Metaphor!

Some mind boggling survey responses from self described Christians. It seems a great many Christians believe some silly notions. Surprise. Surprise. It seems that about 60 percent of “Christians” at least somewhat agree that Satan is not a real entity… Continue Reading →

Satan: 2008 Was a Good Year For Me

Hi! Satan here. 2008 is gone and I’m quite frankly feeling a little sad about it. I don’t expect sympathy but looking back at the past year I’m stunned how productive I was and how great things went. I haven’t… Continue Reading →

When Was the Last Homily You Heard about Satan?

How come we don’t talk about the Devil anymore? I haven’t in years. Jesus talked about him quite a bit. Do we, as His Church, think He was lying? Speaking hyperbolically? I don’t think so either. Cardinal Georges Cottier, O.P…. Continue Reading →

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