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? vs. the Twin Relics of Barbarism

When the Republican Party held their first convention in 1856 the delegates adopted a platform stating “It is the duty of Congress to prohibit in the territories those twin relics of barbarism, polygamy and slavery.” What I find most amazing… Continue Reading →

America’s Dictionary of the Wolf

The words freedom, rights, and liberty are often abused and end up encompassing competing (even mutually exclusive) ideals. Somehow we’ve gotten these words confused. And the confusion has had horrific consequences. I think we can all agree that nobody is… Continue Reading →

Obama and Lincoln: The Contrast

OK. Show of hands. Who thinks the obsession of comparing Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln is getting a little creepy. It seems that now Obama’s bought into it. Here’s the latest from the NY Post: In what will be a… Continue Reading →

This is the Age of the Unecessary Apology

Bishop apologises for use of the Bible to justify slavery, according to Inspire Magazine. The Rt Rev John Packer, Anglican Bishop of Ripon and Leeds, has made a public apology for the way in which Christians misused their scripture 200… Continue Reading →

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