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The Cardinal Who Triumphed Over Stalin

This is a great story from the Catholic Herald about a priest who was marked for death by both the Communists and the Nazis and then served ten years in the Gulag where he said Mass for fellow prisoners in… Continue Reading →

How Many People Do You Have to Kill?

Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt are great men who are honored with busts at the D-Day Memorial in Virginia. But guess who else just got a bust? Josef Freakin Stalin. Sheesh. How many people do you have to… Continue Reading →

Hitler Happens

We’re all kind of schizo about Hitler, don’t you think? Our Nazometers are set on high. We see Nazis in anyone and everyone we don’t agree with. Yet at the same time nobody seems to believe that anything like Hitler… Continue Reading →

Hitler Spoiled All The Fun:

How Eugenics is just misunderstood. There’s been a lot of talk about atheist’s books recently selling so well. Famous Atheist Richard Dawkins seems to be all over the news with his atheistic screed, “The God Delusion,” which dismisses all religious… Continue Reading →

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