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Funding Restrictions Stifle Cloning Research

*subhead*Don’t show them the money.*subhead* Unlike many other countries, the United States has no federal restrictions on cloning. Scientists can clone human embryos as much as they want, provided they have the human eggs to do it, and in many… Continue Reading →

Adult stem cells help man recover from flesh-eating bacteria

A Georgia man stepped on a piece of glass and decided to fix the injury himself…with super glue.  (I use super glue to fix just about everything, but really?) Not surprisingly, it got infected.  Unfortunately for him, his foot was… Continue Reading →

Newt Hates Him Some Fertilized Eggs

I’ll ask again -what the heck is a fertilized egg? You have sperm. You have egg. When the two meet you don’t call it a happy sperm or a fertilized egg. It’s an embryo, a fetus, a baby. That’s it… Continue Reading →

Will Newt’s Conversion to Catholicism Change His Perspective on ESC?

In the past, Newt Gingrich has been for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, according to quotes that Ramesh Ponnuru unearthed today on The Corner. In 2001, during the same time that President Bush was being pushed to federally… Continue Reading →

Outrage! Stem Cell Ban Stayed

What is wrong with these people? Are they seriously jonesing that hard for the destruction of an embryo? They need their fix? Despite Congress passing a law that federal funds couldn’t go towards the destruction of embryos, some judges know… Continue Reading →

Ave Maria: Questions and Answers

A week ago, I wrote a post about Tom Monaghan and Ave Maria questioning his sale of land to a bio-tech company. I said at the time that serious questions about the lab’s involvement in contraception, in vitro fertilization, and… Continue Reading →

Taxing Life to Fund Death

The state of California has long been driving at unsafe speeds towards the cliffs of fiscal insanity. Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came in and just stepped on the gas a little harder. Now, instead of searching for spending reductions to… Continue Reading →

Vatican Newspaper Say What?

We can argue about whether The Vatican newspaper was right or wrong when, according to CNS, it said that President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office have not confirmed the Catholic Church’s worst fears about radical policy changes in… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifers For ESC?

I was visiting with a friend and his wife recently and he was railing against Obama in a comical manner. Now, he’s a Christian and really conservative. He’s one of those who’s starting to joke about stocking canned goods and… Continue Reading →

What?! We Can’t Kill Embryos Yet

Poor President Obama. He makes a big deal of signing legislation declaring it open season on embryos and then just two days later he, perhaps unwittingly, signed legislation buried in his humongous Omnibus bill that outright makes federal funding of… Continue Reading →

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