What is wrong with these people? Are they seriously jonesing that hard for the destruction of an embryo? They need their fix?

Despite Congress passing a law that federal funds couldn’t go towards the destruction of embryos, some judges know better.

A number of judges said previously that Obama can’t fund the destruction of embryos as long as long as that law is in place because his executive decisions don’t trump law. They said that he can always get the law changed if he wants but the law is the law.

But Obama didn’t have to go to all that trouble. He just needed to find another judge, one that was a little more…uhm…Constituionally flexible.

President Barack Obama’s administration can fund embryonic stem-cell research while it appeals a decision banning government support for any activity using cells taken from human embryos, an appeals court said.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington today put on hold a ruling by District Judge Royce Lamberth during its review of the ban. The Justice Department argued that the judge’s decision would cause irreparable harm to researchers, taxpayers and scientific progress….

“Disruption of ongoing research will result in irreparable setbacks and, in many cases, may destroy a project altogether,” attorneys for the U.S. wrote.

So destroying a project is worse than destroying a human life. These people drive me crazy. Never mind the irreparable harm to the human life that’s destroyed.

Never mind that THERE’S A LAW AGAINST IT!!!!!!

One researcher was even quoted saying: “We’re very happy with the decision but we’re in limbo.”

Seriously? You’re really going to say that you’re in limbo when you’re talking about holding human beings frozen in a jar in perpetuity until you get funding enough to destroy them. And YOU’RE the one in limbo?

Disgusting. Government funded vampirism. That’s all it is.