I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous work being done by Kevin Knight at New Advent. The site is a treasure trove and a key resources for any Catholic on the interwebs.

The site has an unbelievable amount of reference material available for instant viewing or download. The entire Catholic Encyclopedia is there. The entire Bible is there (In Greek, English, and Latin!), the entire Summa is there, the works of the Fathers are there, Church Documents, and much more. It is an amazing website.

But beyond just the wealth of reference material there, Mr. Knight scours the Catholic Internet and blogosphere each day to bring you links to the most important or interesting stories of the day. It is the first stop of the day for me and for thousands of others.

New Advent is one of the most important sites on the Catholic Internet and is a blessing for all who make use of it.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Kevin Knight for maintaining this tremendous resource. We are all better off for what he does.