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New IVF Embryo Quality Control

*subhead*Human QC.*subhead* In manufacturing, quality control (QC) is very important. A manufacturer always wants to put out the best product and eliminate defective merchandise. The same is true of IVF. With as many as 30 embryos created for every live… Continue Reading →

Say, What’s a Fertilized Egg Anyway?

Right now there are 356 mentions of “fertilized eggs” in the news, according to a quick Google News search, due to the Personhood amendment being voted on in Mississippi. You see, a fertilized egg to you, me, and anyone with… Continue Reading →

Bar Codes for IVF Embryos?

This story is scary for so many reasons. New Science writes: Researchers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona have come up with an ingenious solution for keeping track of embryos and egg cells during in vitro fertilisation procedures: microscopic bar… Continue Reading →

Outrage! Stem Cell Ban Stayed

What is wrong with these people? Are they seriously jonesing that hard for the destruction of an embryo? They need their fix? Despite Congress passing a law that federal funds couldn’t go towards the destruction of embryos, some judges know… Continue Reading →

Man Created Limbo

Limbo was defined as the pious speculation of a place where babies who have died without baptism spend eternity in a state of “natural happiness” but not in the presence of God. Pope Benedict XVI recently said that there’s hope… Continue Reading →

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