I knew celebrities had outsized egos. I did. But I don’t think I understood how crazy some of them really are. I mean really really crazy.

Susan Sarandon, in talking about her divorce with Tim Robbins was quoted this week as saying that the divorce really shook all of America up. I’m serious. Here’s what she said, according to Big Hollywood:

”The nation mourned.

β€œI had a lot of people who came up to me and were not upset as I was, but were definitely upset.

β€œI did feel a sense of responsibility because I knew that people had a certain idea of how I was and who we were.”


Now that’s pretty crazy but then you get George Clooney bringing the crazy. That’s the one good thing about Clooney movies coming out, you can count on him saying really really stupid things. I will never ever see another Clooney movie but I still so enjoy the stupidity he unleashes on the world every press junket. (Here’s why I’ll never see a Clooney movie.)

But this latest outburst of his has to be the stupidest and craziest thing I’ve read since Hugo Chavez’s speech at the U.N. Clooney, in a recent interview, said:

“I’ve been honored to be able to lend my celebrity to help wherever I can, especially on behalf of the United Nations…but in the case of Darfur it’s been the greatest failure of my life.”

Darfur is the greatest failure of your life? YOUR LIFE?

There must be some tragedy that doesn’t pass through the Clooney filter, right? Something somewhere isn’t about George Clooney, right? Somewhere. No?

Darfur is in the midst of a guerrilla civil war based on ancient animosities and money, and power. Thousands of people have been killed. Seriously, what does George Clooney believe he could’ve done to prevent this? Delusions of grandeur much?

Dude, you can’t even get people to go to the movies.

Seriously, I’m asking who’s ego is more outsized and delusional? Sarandon or Clooney?