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Your Kids Are OK With This Child Killer, Right?

This just shows how little concern our culture has for children. A judge just said it’s all okey dokey if two kids live with a…child killer. Oh don’t freak out, she only killed the kids because she was stressed out… Continue Reading →

Outrage! Stem Cell Ban Stayed

What is wrong with these people? Are they seriously jonesing that hard for the destruction of an embryo? They need their fix? Despite Congress passing a law that federal funds couldn’t go towards the destruction of embryos, some judges know… Continue Reading →

Bill Protects Clergy Opposed to Gay Marriage? No.

This is absolutely hilarious that they think this will work. Not only would we have to drink the Kool-Aid to accept this, the Kool-Aid would have to be spiked with lots and lots of grain alcohol. The California legislature just… Continue Reading →

9th Circuit To Release Rapist?

The Sacramento Bee reports that the looniest court in the land, the 9th Circuit, has overturned the conviction of a rapist. It’s not that anyone thinks that the man isn’t guilty of the rape and robbery of a 72 year… Continue Reading →

TV Got a Lot Worse This Week

My kids like the show the television show “Wipeout.” You know, it’s the one where regular people bounce, jump and duck their way through an obstacle course over a pool. There’s a lot of people getting bonked, boofed, and bammed… Continue Reading →

Judge Strikes Down Nat’l Day of Prayer

The long national nightmare is over. The jackbooted thug theocracy instituted by George W. Bush called the National Day of Prayer is finally past. Over the past few years, who hasn’t received the ominous knock on the door and heard… Continue Reading →

Judge Stands Against Abortion Law

Are we not a Republic? I was pretty bad in school but I seem to remember some kind of talk by my second grade teacher right before recess. It went something like…”blah blah blah…we have three co-equal branches of government….blah… Continue Reading →

Dad Barred from Taking Child to Church?

CBS3 in Chicago reports that a judge has legally barred a father from taking his child to Church because, according to the mother, a Christian Service would “confuse” the child and cause her “irreperable harm.” I can believe that this… Continue Reading →

Sometimes Moo Means Moo

Who needs Nostradamus when you have the great Santorum? Santorum said if the right to sex is the right to any sort of “consensual sex” then logic dictates that soon you’ll have the right to bigamy, the right to polygamy,… Continue Reading →

Judges Get More Powerful. Muuuhuhahaha!

This week’s bellwether election in NY-20 ended in a stalemate. You’ll remember NY-20is the seat that Kristen Gillibrand (D) was in before being selected to fill Hillary’s old Senate seat. So if it flipped to the Republican candidate, many believed… Continue Reading →

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