This is absolutely hilarious that they think this will work. Not only would we have to drink the Kool-Aid to accept this, the Kool-Aid would have to be spiked with lots and lots of grain alcohol. The California legislature just passed a bill that supposedly protects clergy and churches that refuse to perform same sex marriages from losing their tax exempt status.

This is a sham, a p.r. ploy designed to cut off debate. Passing a new law protecting churches is all well and good but wasn’t there a federal law stating that marriage was between a man an a woman? Wasn’t there a statewide referendum declaring marriage between a man and a woman? Those laws were simply overturned by judges who are the real law of the land. This “law” should be an offense to environmentalists because all the paper used for that bill was completely wasted because a judge will simply overturn it.

This “law” is simply a way to shut up those upholding traditional marriage. When proponents of traditional marriage (can you believe marriage needs an adjective now?) say that gay marriage leads to the recognition of polyamorous marriages, they’re scoffed at. They’re scoffed at because proponents of gay marriage have no other answer than to scoff and mock. But the gay marriage ruling isn’t really a ruling about gay marriage. It’s a legal redactor. It really erases the definition of marriage and says that anyone and everyone can have their own definition of marriage. Or to look at it the other way it makes marriage meaningless. Anarchi-marriage.

The judge says it’s about the rights of the individual to decide what marriage is. But if it’s a right how can a priest or clergy deny an individual their rights? So this law passed by the California legislature will be law until it’s not. It will have served its purpose which is to cut off argument that churches will be punished for not performing gay marriages…until it’s time to punish churches that don’t perform gay marriage.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid on this one. It tastes kind of funny and it’s got a really bad after taste.